Monteloeder at Vitafoods Europe

First of all we want to welcome you to our blog, where you can find out all the news related to our company and the industry we work in.

We want to start the blog talking about our presence in this year’s edition of the Vitafoods Europe fair where we introduced ourselves as a completely renewed company in terms of brand image and company concept.

A proof of this was the organization of an interactive debate in which several issues related to the measurement of health and technology in the service of the nutraceutical industry were raised. The debate was held at the Centre Stage of  on Wednesday May 10th and everyone gathered there was involved as a participant.

But, how? In total, five closely related issues were discussed. First, each issue was debated by two experts on the subject who eloquently argued each of their positions. But participation went beyond that: the audience. Every member of the audience had a remote control that allowed them to actively participate in the debate by voting for one of the two options that the speakers were debating in real time.

In the first question, Andrew Steele and Dr. Thomas Wilckens defended their positions within the nutrigenomic and precision medicine. According to the audience’s opinion, their arguments resulted in a tie.

The second question raised the following “Does the objective affect the way the products will be designed?”. Iris Haderwing who defended Sound Science was left behind by Jegg Hilton defending Consumer First.


As for the third subject of debate “Will sensors/data/mobile fundamentally transform the industry?” Joana Maricato’s arguments on Limited Disruption prevailed over Ezequiel Sánchez’s.

For the fourth question “Will concerns over data and privacy, or lobbying by threatened incumbents cause regultars to slow down the pace of innovation?” the audience preferred Enrique Martin’s position on Free Will over Katia Merten-Lentz’s arguments on EU Legislation.

Finally, regarding the question on markets “Will disruption be more likely from an incumbent within the industry or from a new entrant / outsider?” the audience supported Cayetana Pablo’s “outsider” position over Ignacio Cartagena as the “insider”.

The issues were also debated prior to the event at a special meal that took place in the vicinity of the fair where the Monteloeder team met the speakers.

Furthermore, Heather Granato, the prestigious nutrition industry guru, leader of Monteloeder’s “Measurable Health” interactive debate, and Informa Exhibitions’ vice president included us in the Hot List of this Vitafoods issue.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone for their participation in the debate. It is your support and the efforts of our Monteloeder team what encourages us to improve and strengthen the Vitafoods fair with the firm intention of making it grow year after year.


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Monteloeder at Vitafoods Europe

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