Heather Granato expressed her satisfaction with the organization of Monteloeder’s interactive debate

Monteloeder was present at Vitafoods fair 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland. One of its main objectives was to engage those who attended the event into the world of nutraceutical nutrition, new technologies, nutrogenomics, and precision medicine. To achieve this, an interactive debate was organized in which the audience listened first hand to the opinions of professionals in the field and voted for their favorite.

As moderator of the event, Heather Granato expressed her satisfaction with the organization of Monteloeder’s debate and the variety of knowledgeable experts that were gathered there. What I found really fantastic about the interactive nature of the Monteloeder debate was that you had different points of view”.

The key part of the debate was that the audience did not just listen but also gave their opinion and participated with their votes. To this, Granato explained her amusement and explained that this system was capable of capturing and maintaining the audience’s attention since “it kept the audience actively engaged”.

When asked about Vitafoods Fair, Heather described it as “the leading european forum for nutritional ingredients”. Furthermore, she expressed her professional admiration for Monteloeder and its current endeavors.

Granato gave her opinion on the digitalization process that many companies in the sector are currently embracing. She highlighted the importance of technology nowadays and the prosperous development that awaits. “Certainly technology and digitization hold tremendous potential in terms of supply chain, making sure that you have the transparency that is necessary, from a regulatory perspective, but also from a consumer expectation”.

Finally, Heather Granato concluded by explaining the importance of data today in business and technological contexts. As she explained, data is critical for product development, to find new nutraceutical solutions and to create consumer-oriented actions that improve health.


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