MONTELOEDER, a business founded in Spain’s Mediterranean region and with more than 20 years of experience in the nutraceutical and natural extracts industry, takes a qualitative leap towards the future.

After years of research and development, listening and adapting to consumers’ needs, MONTELOEDER is positioning its BRANDED INGREDIENTS line to help its business clients to undertake the current 3.0 health revolution focused on skin beauty, metabolic syndrome and sport.

The new paradigm supporting the 3.0 health revolution combines experienced product development, clinical trials’ results, real world evidence data and artificial intelligence technologies to boost outcomes and foster healthy habits through the use of mobile technology and wearable devices.

MONTELOEDER is leading this radical change in focus: the shift from collectives to individuals, from standardized to personalized service, from expectations to proven efficiency, from selling a product to sell a consumption experience.