New article! Metabolaid and its effect on satiety

We are happy to announce that a scientific peer-reviewed article on Metabolaid has been recently published in the journal Food and Function.

The article presents the results of a double-blind clinical study where individuals were given either a placebo or Metabolaid for 60 days, to analyze its effect on weight loss, several biochemical parameters (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc), as well as on satiety. This last result is of special relevance, since the participants of the study were provided with an isocaloric diet, which resulted in weight loss in both the placebo and Metabolaid group, although the latter lost more weight and felt less hungry than the former. Satiety was analyzed both by VAS scale analysis through validated questionnaires, and through the analysis of appetite-related hormones in blood. The results indicate a clear increase in satiety-inducing hormone GLP-1, which was decreased in the placebo group. Another hormone, ghrelin, which induces hunger, was increased in the placebo group, while those taking Metabolaid presented no increase.

We are very excited for this publication, and wish to share it with all who are interested. As always, our publications are in open access, so that anyone can download it. You can find the article here

This work could not have been performed without the support of the following funding bodies:  IDI-20150608 AVANZAS project from the Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI, MINECO), and H2020 SME Phase II project, grant number 783838.


Jonathan Jones, PhD

Product Development Manager

Digital Health Scientific Adviser