New feature to access the latest Product Specifications

It is well known that nowadays any company that fights in the global market competitive arena oughts to invest in IT and embrace eagerly the endless benefits automation and on-demand information can offer, let alone the new IT trends related to BI and AI.

Following that lead we started in 2016 a massive drive towards a full modernization and digitalization of the entire company including, amongst others, the adoption of a new ERP system.

Taking advantage of the new and flexible ERP we have created a new feature that allows our customers to get access to the most recent and accurate Product Specifications pulled directly from the information system we use every day.
This guarantees information consistency and readiness, right there, on the spot.

On top of the Product Specification we also added a similar functionality that focuses on Certificates of Analysis and have just given the first steps towards the full visibility of our production chain.

This new feature can be handed over to the final customer too, since the information provided can be accessed publicity. There are many potential uses of this new channel, like providing QR Codes on the product labels that will take the customer to the right Certificate of Analysis related to the extract production batch they are making inquires about.

 There is more to come in the following months…  Keep tuned! 

Favio Varela

IT Manager


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