Nutroxsun App at the Beauty Cluster Barcelona – Sun Care Journey

Last week, Dr. Nuria Caturla, New Product Development Manager and I had the opportunity to represent Monteloeder participating as speakers at the Sun Care Journey organized by Beauty Cluster Barcelona. The event welcomed representatives of the entire Spanish cosmetic industry.

Sofía López Chalmers, Account Director at the Marketing Intelligence Agency Mintel started presenting the last trends in sun protection according to Mintel’s research. Among other interesting data as the most used ingredients and the characteristics of the latest launches, Sofía highlighted the increasing use of wearable devices and sensors with connectivity along with the growing consumer’s demand of product effectivity demonstration. When talking about customer’s awareness regarding sun exposure, Mintel’s representative mentioned the lack of information on some aspects.

In a world that is moving fast towards consumer centricity, we should focus more than ever in what are consumers demanding, what are they missing and how can we offer adapted solutions. In this context we presented Nutroxsun APP, our sun exposure management APP related to our branded ingredient Nutroxsun, as a market innovation and a great tool to cover the needs that were previously exposed by Mintel.

By using Nutroxsun APP, users are able to follow their sun exposure habits in a fun, easy and personalized manner with the Shields representation. After an easy registration process, users are assigned a personal sun exposure budget (the BioShield) that can be increased by the use of sun protection products and the intake of Nutroxsun (building the NutroxsunShield). They have a clear product benefits representation. Our solution integrates an efficient formulation and leading technologies along with personal and context information to establish a direct interaction with consumers and help them manage their sun exposure in real time. These interactions allow adding value to consumers, giving personalized advice and information facilitating preventive approaches, whilst collecting valuable data in return.

The last participant was Eni Gómez, founder of Capillary Technology Center in Barcelona. The Trichology expert talked about how the sun can damage our hair and what measures can be taken to keep a healthy scalp and hair all year. Again, Eni highlighted the lack of information shown by consumers and the importance of giving a good education on how the environmental conditions and habits can affect our hair and implementing good habits to protect it.

Attending to the fact that lack of information seems to be an extended problem in many areas related to health and well-being, brands need to find a better way to engage with consumers. Even though nowadays information is easily accessible to everyone, it requires a high motivation level to do an accurate research and understand the important concepts. Companies should improve the communication and interaction strategies to provide this value in a convenient way. The learning process must be part of consumer’s daily life without representing an effort. Technology and personalization will play a key role to succeed. Find the right messages at the right moment and communicate in an understandable manner. This way you could have an impact on consumer’s habits and improve their quality of life.

Monteloeder digital solutions have been developed to facilitate this transition. We are focused in providing our partners with the right tools to deliver the simple and personalized solutions that consumers demand.

Marcos Lopez Diaz

Digitized Ingredients Brand Manager


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