Indonesia, being the largest country in South East Asia with total size area of 1.905 million km² homes 264 million people according to World Bank statistics. Back in 2018, the Indonesian Ministry of Health had conducted Basic Health Survey (RISKESDAS) on approximately 1.2 million people from 300,000 families to find 1/3 of Indonesians aged 15 & above had unhealthy waist circumference.

It was also reported that 31% of this age group are facing the issue of “central obesity” which is the excessive fat around the stomach and abdomen.

Furthermore, the latest figures for obesity, defined as a BMI of >27, presented an overall increase from 14.8 % of the population in 2013 to 21.8 % in 2018. This is translated to 1 in 5 adults is obese.

graphic indonesian obesity


Generally, obesity is linked to unhealthy lifestyle which includes sedentary lifestyle, consumption of food & drinks high in sugar, and etc.

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