Partnership relations with customers, personalization and mobile technology

We understand business as win-win situations. In order to be able to give that condition it is very important to carry out a partnership relationship between customer and supplier. When a supplier and a client work together, with honesty and communication flows, relationships are more lasting and profitable for both parties.

Monteloeder is a customer oriented company, which means that we understand that each customer is different and that difference is the basis on which their competitive advantages are articulated. In addition, each country is different in both tastes and regulation. In order to carry out a proposal adapted to each market, it is essential to work side by side with the customer.

We know of plants, fundamentally Mediterranean, we know how to identify active principles of these plants and how to convert that knowledge, through clinical studies, into a branded ingredient competitive, effective and available to be incorporated into a final product. We even know how to make use of mobile technology to improve the consumer experience with our product, ie to guide the consumer in how to use our ingredient, when to see results, what type of results and also, depending on the information we are collecting, getting to know which is the most suitable product for that customer.

But we are a company of ingredients, not of end products, our customers are companies, not consumers, therefore we need the companies that put the product in the store to be able to develop our proposal. To the extent that we can co-develop with other companies we will be able to develop more efficiently our customized product proposal. We are currently doing co-developments with customers where we jointly pay for specific clinical trials required by a country or jointly developing mobile Apps where consumers are guided in the consumption experience of our product. But the possibilities are endless, as many as the needs of the customers. We are open to co-develop custom branded ingredients, share risk / benefit in launching a product in a market, share costs to achieve a particular health claim in a particular country, … In short, the formulas are multiple but always the starting point is a partnership relationship.

Ignacio Cartagena

Vice President & Sales


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