Product recalls: what happens when the alert is not justified

Italy, 17th of May of 2019:

The health ministry requests the recall of different products with curcuma as it may be a possible cause of hepatitis.

26th of July of 2019:

A simple article on their webpage says that the link between the consumption of curcuma and hepatitis is not clear…

Spain, 30th of May of 2019:

The Spanish consumers organisation declares that a baby sun cream from a well known national cosmetic company does not comply at all with the SPF factor indicated on the product. The brand of the product appears on all newspapers, social medias, everywhere…

8th of July of 2019

AEMPS (the Spanish Medicine Ass.) launches a press release saying the product complies with what is indicated. The Spanish Consumers organisation just informs about this press release.

Nothing else.

In both cases, the alert was given before they proved the products were not suitable for consumption

And why nobody made any noise on the results when they were available?

What could be done by authorities to avoid such problems?

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