Revealing the rising of the Kingdom

Fi Asia 2017 was held on 13th to 15th September in Bangkok. According to feedback of customers the exhibition size has increased 10% to 15%, meaning more exhibitors have participated in this event.

Thailand, one of the countries in ASEAN with the highest population which approximately 70 million people. The standard of living has increased for the past 20 years thanks to the successful country’s economic policy. The F&B industry has flourished from basic necessities to a very dynamic and full of innovation. Let’s look at what are the factors that lead to this success.

Traditionally, people of the kingdom’s main source of food is rice. During the boom of the economy, the younger generation has more adventurous taste buds and demands for extremely flavourful snack foods. With the strong influences from Japanese and Korean cultures, snack food manufacturers are integrating both influences into product development. In a typical convenient store in Thailand for example 7-11 and Familymart, one will always be spoilt for choices when comes to snack food.

“You are what you eat….” Is also a strong belief of the Thai people, the young generation has also become very cautious about their health. For example, one can easily find functional food and supplements in pharmacy and convenient stores to quench the thirst of Thai people for the need for this. Most of the supplements are made of local plant extracts which are traditionally used for health wellness. However, the trend is now evolving to be more focused on beauty/skin care, weight loss, relaxation (better sleeping quality) and energy booster (sports). When most of these were already exist especially in Europe and USA. Therefore, the queries and demands for Mediterranean and Latin America originated botanical extracts have spiked because they were already well proven about the benefits.

However, such botanical extracts are still a distance away from entering the Thai market. As the biggest challenge is going through registration and approval from Thai FDA. Though it takes time however the effort will be worthwhile once they are successfully being approved.

Back to discuss about Fi Asia this time around, these are reasons why exhibitors from around the world are showing up here. To serve the purpose, meeting the exciting demands from the people of the Kingdom!

Lu Hee Siang

Regional Sales Manager |China & Thailand


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