The mConsumer. The new user category among the Sport Nutrition Market

Sport Nutrition is the fastest-growing category of the health and Nutrition market. In fact, Sport Nutrition annual growth rate from 2012 and 2017 is more than the double of the second category, the vitamins and dietary supplements category.

In the past, dedicated athletes and bodybuilders dominated the sports nutrition market, but nowadays a broader range of consumers are contributing to the category’s growth. The Sport Nutrition market is driven by healthy living and fitness trends, with a growing number of women and seniors that want to maintain mobility, prevent injury and feel youthful, active and independent.

Younger consumers and millennials are also transforming the sector by demanding high quality, clean label products as well as technology. In fact, App-based diagnostics, subscription services, sport and health coaches, and personalized platforms are expanding to inspire this new generation of healthy consumers.

Traditionally, consumers of sports nutrition food, drinks, and supplements have been segmented into four different groups—bodybuilders, elite athletes, casual users and lifestyle users. Now a new category has appeared. According to Euromonitor International, the mobile consumers (mConsumer user) can be considered as a category with its own identity within the Sports Nutrition market (see Figure).

These consumers are characterized because they are always digitally engaged and track their activity and wellness goals with Apps and wearables devices such as sport watches. This opens new opportunities for the companies to exploit digitalization to personalize not only the product but also the purchasing and consumer experience.

euromonitor international
Figure: Adapted from Euromonitor International

In 2014, Monteloeder realized the change that was undergoing in all the industries around us. We think it is a matter of time that the digital revolution will disrupt our sector as well. With this vision of the future, Monteloeder created a new business line focused on digitalizing our health ingredients and health related products and nowadays we are able to deliver, not just scientifically proven health ingredients but complete digital health solutions to our B2B partners.

Nuria Caturla, Ph.D

New Product Development Manager