“UV protection effect ” The solution of summer market

In Korea, The ultraviolet rays are particularly strong in summer. Therefore, the customer is showing interest in the products related to UV protection. 

Among many types of UV protection products in Korea, People are always considered new sunscreen products based on their skin types. Mostly If someone has sensitive skin, they are avoiding to use sunscreen products with high SPF that can cause irritation or reaction on the skin. Thus, there are new movements are targeting at this UV market as the solution of the summer market.  

A few functional ingredients wear Health claim that ” it may help protect skin from the UV rays ” are considering to launch a sales as a food supplement on UV protection market.  These products are an effect on the whole body and perfectly working even under sweating. furthermore, People can easy to take it even those with sensitive skin.

Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Beta-carotene, Lycopene, Astaxanthin, etc has been used for skin protection from the sun over the world. These ingredients usually effect on the body as an antioxidant in skin increases defenses against UV radiation. 

In Korea, There are almost 9 items has been approved by KFDA on the UV protection

Pomegranate extract powder/ Cyclopia intermedia fermentation extract powder / Hyaluronic acid/ Boesenbergia pandurata root extract powder / probiotics HY7714 / low molecular collagen peptide / The combination of Red ginseng, aerecthedge parsley and cornus officinalis extract powder / PME-88 Melon extract powder / Pine bark extract powder. 1) 석류농축분말 / 허뉘부쉬추출발효분말/ 히알루론산 / 핑거루트추출분말 /프로바이오틱스 HY7714 / 저분자콜라겐펩타이드 / 홍삼,사상자,산수유 복합추출물 / PME-88 멜론추출물 /소나무껍질추출물 등 복합물

Monteloeder has also been working on product development and functional registration with Korea partner targeting these markets and Now, New research findings have been published in Korea. 

” The combination of Grapefruit and Rosemary Extracts” produced by Monteloeder has been reported new points of view for mechanism in the body through In vivo test for Alleviating UV-induced Skin aging. 

Up to now, The interpretation of Mechanism related with ” The combination of Grapefruit and Rosemary Extracts”  are mostly antioxidant activity that quenches and/or scavenges the initial prooxidising species (superoxide radical anion (O2•–), hydroxy radical (•OH), etc.), and thereby prevents oxidative damage of lipids, proteins and DNA.2)

The new study adds to this points, The new study was explained the anti-inflammatory properties through suppression of MAPK/IL-1β signaling pathways. 3) through the below points.

  • Effect on Elastase Inhibittios
  • Effect on Cell Viability
  • Effect on UVB-Induced Mice Skin
  • Effect on Histochemical Changes.
  • Effect on mRNA and Protein Expression of Skin Aging-Related Biomarkers

This view point can be interpreted more clearly through In vitro identification by September 2019.

Jane Lee

Korea General Manager


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